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A Beautiful Collision

Zenith Interiors
Level 2/56 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland 1052

There are a lot of similarities between the worlds of art and design. Distill each down, strip away the trimmings, the jargon and preconceived notions, and you get to an idea. Before any artwork, design object, or building can exist in the physical realm, it takes an individual person to dare to imagine. What if...

Each of the artworks in this collection are the artists expressions of very big concepts: what are we doing to our environment, and how can we shift to living more sustainably? As individuals, how can we probe more deeply into the human condition and find our place in the matrix of the universe? What does politics and leadership mean in a post modern society where patriarchy and gender stereotypes are thankfully becoming things of the past? Is there a way to harness naturally occurring elements in a way that is unexpected and playful which also stimulates our thoughts about what art can be?

Text by Jessica Agoston Cleary, Artfull Founder

Karen Rubado is a Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland artist who is interested in the aggregation and transformation of materials through hand-making. Her enthusiasm lies in the connections between intention and action, the real and imagined, and the imperfection that often characterises the handmade. Inspired by techniques of extemporising within a structure, her weaving practice encourages the unexpected and allows for spontaneity as a catalyst for discovery. She sees this as a subtle form of opposition to the authorial powers of tradition and the expectations emanating from both craft and contemporary art conventions.

broken (detail)