Summer residency at RM Gallery, Auckland

studio works 2016


In December 2015 I was selected for a summer studio residency at RM Gallery on Karangahape Road in Auckland which lasted from the beginning of January until the end of February. During this time I enjoyed free reign in a large studio space that I shared with four other artists.


The works shown here are the result of my two month residency.


My project explored the notion of affect arising from objects and their environment in the context of material assemblages with a focus on the potentiality of the materials and contingencies that emerge during this process of exploration. I continued my ongoing research into object oriented ontologies and vital materialist theories in order to understand their relevance in my art practice and contemporary art in general.


This particular research project involved sourcing, interrogating, and working intimately with a number of different materials in order to filter and focus on only a few. The works expressed an interest in natural forces (gravity, balance, entropy) and these forces also acted as materials in the work.