St Paul Street Gallery III, Auckland


Installation for a group exhibition as part of the Professional Practice paper.


For Always the same, yet a little different, two carbon fibre pieces were installed. Taking a cue from the Mono-ha artists, I installed the artworks with the intention of expanding the sculptural relationship to include the gallery by utilising the existing architectural structure and by activating the space. Both artworks responded to the haiku “Surrender to the / seduction of my world / I keep finding love.” The floor piece, surrender, activated the space as it coaxed spectators to walk around it to discover the materials and how it was functioning and asked them to consider the environment surrounding the artwork. The second piece, Contingency Plan, interacted with and poked fun at the architecture of the gallery space: the original exposed brick column and the more recent steel column both installed side-by-side for the same purpose were in turn reinforced by the tensile strength of the fluffy carbon fibre.


Always the same, yet a little different
27 May - 30 May 2015
St Paul Street Gallery III


concrete, stake, post, sail. 2015

Contingency Plan
carbon fibre. 2015