Sculpture + Installation + Moving Image – Year 1

At the end of Core Studio and drawing we were meant to have a good indication of where we would like to focus our studies for the next two years. I was torn between Print/Paint and Sculpture and in the end decided to go with sculpture because I prefer to work directly with my hands…getting my hands dirty as it were and avoiding spending too much time sitting in one spot.

We started off Studio 1 with a brief that would carry us through 9 weeks until the end of the year. The brief, called Original Copies, asked us to “explore the sculptural possibilities of the copy.” The purpose was not to copy or duplicate an object but to explore “how we can create new works with new meanings from an original object.”

The first part of this brief was with moving image.  I’ve posted a couple of the moving images I created for this brief.

  1. Laviada Chairs which was inspired by the work of Alejandra Laviada
  2. When it rains explored the idea of mundane repetition in our daily lives
  3. Sinking explored the idea of reflection, binary opposites (loss/fulfillment) and the impermanence of things


The second part of the brief involved learning techniques with clay and wax molding and construction. One of the objects I created reflects the pull of gravity and the memory of space. View this project.

The final sculpture was the culmination of the experiments and explorations of the original copies brief. My installation consisted of mylar (emergency blanket material), silver thread and bull clips. One object lies on the ground while another is suspended above it. Both objects reflect each other as well as any bystanders. Being suspended from the ceiling and made of a light air-tight fabric, the top object swayed slowly whenever someone walked by. This movement gave the viewer the impression that the object was alive and breathing. View this project.